using Pure Data as a DSP engine



speech synthesis

1.  Read the wikipedia artikle:

2. look there if Your OS does it by defaut and test it

3. See the firefox extension and test it

4. go to the comparison and try out some:

5. look for pediaphon which generates mp3s from wikipedia articles

6. look for other web based systems like readspeaker

good luck



links for pure data

somebody asked for a fft tutorial in Pure Data:

you find pure data tutorials in diff. languages (dutch, french, russian ;- ) here:

especially look for the floss manual:

1st Day drafts



First Days drafts – they’re ok with Seppo Gründler. Tasks for 2nd day and overall responsibilities were defined.

Connect Wiimote to iMac

Inspirational links

links for ideas for all

gesture recognition with microphones/sound:

gesture follower

OSC input etc.:

one of the first “data gloves”

Daverc control video


getting data from the web with PD:

The planning

The planning is on :