Project’s progress (04/02/12)

Today, we’ve continue to program on Pure Data and made an other  interface which contains 5 sliders in Pure Data.

We decide to use 2 scenes/pages for differents effects used on them.We’ve done 2 beautiful backgrounds (one with grid and one with 5 sliders).

We’ve continue to work on the guitar effects.

And finally, we put the backgrounds, interfaces and effects together.



here are our backgrounds :


The first one is the backgrounds with “grid” interface.

The second one is the background with “5 sliders” interface.


Monday, we’ll  look how connect Wii mote with Ipad, finish to put together all the tasks and test our application. If we have time, we will prepare the presentation.

Project’s progress (03/02/12)

Today we have done a lot of work! We started with a meeting to discuss the next steps and exchange new ideas for our project.
We made different backgrounds (and a cover) for the RJDJ scens in Photoshop.
In order to interact with the scenes on the iPad, we’ve made two interfaces in Pure Data (we try to do interfaces on RJC1000 but we don’t have many interface’s choice, we prefere to do it on Pure Data). Two with a slider, and two with a grid.
To change the sound of the guitar we made two very cool effects, among which a pretty awesome delay effect!

We’ve also finished the web interface (pictures below), optimised for mobile browser.
We managed to get Pure Data communicate with our MySQL database and PHP scripts.
People can now adjust the effects (which will be applied on the voice and guitar) with neat sliders. It’s also possible to send your own personalised text messages to our system via . Within a matter of seconds they will be played inhere via our speakers.



Tomorrow, we’ll continue our tasks. We’ill see which and how use our interfaces and sounds (and background too).

We want to put all the task together…



The Poster

Our Poster!



Project’s progress (02/02/12)

Project’s progress (01/02/12)


1st Day drafts



First Days drafts – they’re ok with Seppo Gründler. Tasks for 2nd day and overall responsibilities were defined.

The planning

The planning is on :